LibU is a multiplatform C library which comes under a BSD-style license. It includes many interdependent modules for accomplishing several tasks: memory allocation, networking and URI parsing (rfc2396), string manipulation, debugging and logging in a very compact way, plus many other miscellaneous tasks.

It has small footprint (about 70KB for the default configuration), it is modular, and has a multiplatform nature, making it an ideal candidate for embedded systems. KLone is an example of such usage.



Our new public LibU GIT repository is available here.

Download the latest release (2.2.0) or browse through the latest updates in the ChangeLog file, which contains notes about newly added features and bugfixes.

A maintenance version is also provided since several modules have been extended and are not backward compatible (see ChangeLog above for details). Download the latest maintenance release (1.4.2) or take a look at the ChangeLog.