KoanLogic is a company which specialises in the development of products targeted at Embedded Systems and provides annexed consulting services.


[KLone icon]KLone is KL's main product. It is both a Web Server and an SDK for creating web interfaces, optimised especially for Embedded Devices but also ideal for high-performance LAMP-like systems.

Watch a video that will guide you from scratch through your first dynamic web application: screencast[screencast](revamped!)

Other products

MaKL, simple and powerful C/C++ project configuration and building tool based on Bourne shell and GNU make;

LibU, a rich and highly portable utility library written in C for networking, string manipulation, debugging, common data structures and lots more.


KLone 3.1.0 released
KLone is now BSD licensed!

No more license fees, no more restrictions, bare performance.
Stand with us
Support Open Standards with us, and contribute to principles such as openness, interoperability and fairness.
KLone 3.0.0 released
KLone participates in the World IPv6 Launch with a fully compliant release.
It also includes UNIX IPC and SCTP for Happy Eyeballs support, hookable server main loop and numerous fixes.
LibU 2.2.0 and MaKL 1.9.0 released
The new versions of LibU and MaKL provide new HMap custom caching policies, GNU for ARMv7 and clang for Darwin toolchains, and resolution of several bugs.